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The work from home model of industries has forced individuals to work remotely; even students are required to attend online classes. Laptops and Desktops have become a need of an hour. We understand the situation and to assist our clients in best way possible we also provide laptops, desktops on a rental basis so that individuals at work can carry on their work smoothly and the future of our country do not miss out their learning opportunities.
Why Tekemonks
The laptop brings back a more seamless kind of learning.
- Nicholas Negroponte.


A notebook that helps you achieve your goals.
Takemonks provides you with a wide range of laptops at the most affordable price.



It’s not a device; it’s a gateway to future
At Takemonks, you will find the best quality desktops that are customized to best suit your requirements.

It’s not a device; it’s a gateway to future.
Why Rental Server
The amount of data used by companies,users & other providers is staggering. Renting a server helps you for the better development of your business.


  • Choose the Server as per your configuration and business requirements.
  • Complete control over your data.
  • More cost effective for startups and small to medium sized companies.
  • Assurance of enhanced performance and security. 

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