Batteries & its Types



Laptops, computers are powered remotely by their batteries
Modern laptop batteries are often lithium-ion batteries. They outlast
several other types of rechargeable batteries and offer good power to
weight ratios
Additionally, lithium-ion laptop batteries do not experience a
memory effect, thus a complete charge does not have to be applied
before using it for the next time


Lithium-Ion Battery. ( Li-ion )


This is the type of battery you will find in today’s laptops. It is a very
common battery for any smart device these days. They are used for
their lightweight, fast charging capability and non-hazardous
Though lithium is flammable, the occurrence of a laptop catching
fire is very rare. They have overcharge safety chips in them for
power regulation. They can be carried anywhere and don’t suffer
from the memory effect. Best of all, they have a slow discharge rate,
so you can use your device for longer without any AC power.


Advantages of lithium-ion batteries:


  1. Easy to Maintain
  2. Fast Charging
  3. Long Life
  4. Safer to Use
  5. Environment Friendly
  6. Light in Weight
  7. Lithium-ion is the Future


Tips to Improve battery life:  


  • Disable battery draining apps
  • Close background apps if not in use
  • Check on power & sleep setting and set screen time
  • Turn off wifi & bluetooth when not in use
  • Do not allow your laptop to Overheat
  • Switch on battery saver mode and set the duration
  • Check power configuration
  • Switch off sync settings when not in use

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